100% plant-based

Did you know that Italian, plant-based cuisine is the most delicious one?

Choose Ristorante Naturale is at the forefront of the plant-based Italian cuisine. Our dishes prove that delicious vegan Italian foods do not sacrifice the flavor at all.
We prepare classic dishes using local ingredients that come from Italy and, to live up to our name, you may choose from a wide variety of options: from our scialatielli alla carbonara, through classic pizzas in the Italian style, to bolognese and eggplant arancini sicilianos.

We’re environment-friendly

The essence of Choose

Our philosophy is as follows: converting traditional dishes of the Sicilian cuisine into their vegan versions, without losing any of their essence.

We use the best sustainable and minimally processed, plant-based ingredients. Every dish we serve brings us closer to a better tomorrow.

Healthy foods

When it comes to what we eat, it’s clear to us

In Choose Ristorante Naturale we decide to align with the world that increasingly resorts to healthy foods and the consumption of foods of plant origin: we are creating the future of alimentation.

Our philosophy and everything we do is based on the union between the culinary art and nutrition. Come and enjoy the best of Sicilia with us or order your favorite dishes to enjoy them at home.


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For us, food means culture, tradition and, most of all, emotions. We wish that once you visit our place, you will not want to leave. That you will enjoy a long meal or a dinner in elegant and intimate surroundings, in the purest Italian style.

We will deliver it to you

Enjoy our delicious food at home

Enjoy the best Sicilian, 100% vegan restaurant at your own home. Place your order through any of these delivery platforms. Bon appetit!