Choose Ristorante Naturale becomes the first 100% vegan Sicilian restaurant in Spain

  If there is anything that we have learned last year, it is that the time has come to do better. We have no doubt that the future of food is plant-based and that is why on June 19th, coinciding with the first anniversary of its opening, Choose Ristorante Naturale officially changes its menu to 100% vegan and plant-based. The best Sicilian cuisine, now entirely respectful and healthy, in the heart of Madrid.

That way Choose Ristorante Naturale, located on Calle Segovia nº17, becomes the first 100% vegan Sicilian restaurant in Spain. Come and meet us, and enjoy our new, entirely vegan menu.


In Choose we choose a different way of eating. We choose flavor, we choose quality, we choose to take care of our planet. Moreover, since day one we decided that the tradition of Italian cuisine shall be very much present in our philosophy: our hand-pulled dough, our entirely homemade desserts, and our salsas made with high-quality ingredients are our guarantees.

Choose Ristorante Naturale is at the forefront of the plant-based vegan cuisine, and that is why we are the first 100% vegan Sicilian restaurant in Spain. Our dishes prove that delicious vegan Italian foods do not sacrifice the flavor at all. We prepare classic dishes using local ingredients that come from Italy and, to live up to our name, you may choose from a wide variety of options: from our scialatielli alla carbonara, through classic pizzas in the Italian style, to bolognese and eggplant arancini sicilianos.

The essence of Choose is to change the traditional dishes from the Sicilian cuisine into their vegan versions without losing their essence. Whether the client needs to grab a quick bite on their lunch break or wants to enjoy a long dinner in company, our priority is that they eat well and healthy, and feel at home.


In addition to putting all our efforts into creating a menu that combines tradition, quality and taste in 100% plant-based dishes, we know that now is the time in which people need to feel safe. We wanted our space to be a special, elegant and design place, but most of all we wanted to create cozy and safe surroundings for all of our clients, including groups and families.

Our division into separate lounges not only provides additional tranquility, but also creates intimate atmosphere – something that few restaurants in Madrid may offer. Come to our 100% vegan Sicilian restaurant!

For us food means culture, tradition and, most of all, emotions. We wish that once you visit our place, you will not want to leave. That you will enjoy a long meal or a dinner in elegant and intimate surroundings, in the purest Italian style.

More information and contact:
Calle Segovia 17
Phone number:  912 87 33 63


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Here, in Choose Ristorante, we so strongly believe that eating vegan is delicious, that we are here to make your sweetest dreams come true. You can’t leave without tasting our desserts! Pistachio tart, tiramisu, hazelnut and brownie mousse…